Where are you based?

We are based in Oxford Street, London, UK
By appointments only.

Can you meet depending on the customer’s convenience?

Yes! With a scheduled time and location.

In what currency is your price list fixed? Does it Depend on the market rate of the metal, diamond and precious stones?

British Sterling Pound. As per industry standards. We operate in adhering market rates of diamonds, metals and precious stones respectively.

Where do your diamonds come from?

Our diamonds are purchase directly from Antwerp, Belgium.

Do you sell used or second-hand jewellery/diamonds?


Can I see the diamonds before being placed on my jewellery?

Yes, we are happy to meet our customers in person with all relevant certificates to showcase your desired diamonds.

Do you hallmark your metals?

Yes, all our jewellery are hallmarked by The Goldsmith Company London Assay office.

Do you provide certificates; if so who are they accredited by?


Do you provide with drawings and Photoshop images of my desired design?

YES, we provide an initial pencil sketch followed by Photoshop image.

What is average time duration of a bespoke jewellery to be delivered?

Six – eight weeks however, this depends on case by case basis.

Will the delivery be insured?

Yes. We believe in making insurance comprehensive and hassle free!

What happens an Item or parcel is lost?

Once a buyer has bought from us, it is our responsibility as an organisation, to get the goods to the buyer in the condition advertised.

Are you registered with Assay Assured ?
Can I cancel my order?

You may loose deposit depending on circumstances.

Will you cover postage on my returned item?

Unfortunately, our policy is that your required to pay the postage costs. We can provide a return postage address and additional return postage information for the buyer.