Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing A Bespoke Engagement Ring

Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing A Bespoke Engagement Ring

  • 15 April, 2023
  • ambalavanar sathanantharaja

Maybe you’ve always known that you have wanted to design a bespoke engagement ring for your other half or perhaps this concept is completely new to you!? Whatever your reason for deciding to go bespoke when it comes your engagement ring, our experienced team of designers are here to guide you through every step of the design process.

The first and most popular question we get asked by couples when they are choosing to design their own unique engagement ring, is: “Where do we start?” We get it! This is unlikely to be a process you are familiar with and we want to make sure you find the experience enjoyable and create the most beautiful, perfectly suited engagement ring for you as the end result.

To help you gain a little more clarity on our bespoke engagement ring process, we have popped together our ultimate bespoke engagement ring guide. This will help you to gain an idea of what you want your ring to look like and understand what is involved when it comes to designing a custom piece of jewellery. To start with, you have a few questions and considerations to think over:



Let’s get this one out the way as it will make it a lot easier to decide on all the other elements of your bespoke engagement ring.

Having an idea of how much you would like to spend on your ring will help narrow down your design choices and give you a better idea of the investment you will be making at the end of this process.



The style of your custom ring may already be something you have in mind but it’s always good to get some inspiration to find out how you want your engagement ring to look. Speaking to friends and browsing online is a good place to start but we can also show you a range of different ring styles for you to have a closer look at potential ring features and how they will look on.

When thinking about your engagement ring style, there are endless choices to choose from but here is a selection of our favourites.



If your other half is going to be a part of your bespoke engagement ring process, getting their ring size will not be something to worry about. However, if their ring is going to be a surprise you may have to cleverly work out their ring size or if all else fails, we can select a larger size so that it can easily be resized correctly after your proposal



This is the fun part! Whether you decide to go with diamonds or gemstones or even a combination we can advise on the right choice for you.

If you decide to go with diamonds for your custom design you will need to consider the 4 c’s! Cut, clarity, colour and carat.  You can learn more about theses here on our website.

Whereas, if you are thinking of incorporating a gemstone into your design, you will need to choose what type of stone. You can have a read of our gemstone guide here to learn more about the different options available.



The choice of metal for your bespoke engagement ring is down to personal preference but to give you a better idea, you will have four choices to choose from, including: Silver, palladium, gold and platinum. If you are still not sure, speak to our team and we can talk you through the features of each metal.



With all our couples looking to create a unique engagement ring we encourage you to book a free design consultation with us at our jewellers in London to discuss your requirements. This is also a great opportunity to browse ring styles and designs.

After your initial consultation, we will put together some design options for you to choose from.

Once you have decided on all your ring elements we will create a 3D model for you to see and make any final design changes.

Following your final approval, we will get to work creating your beautiful bespoke engagement ring.


If you would like to create a one-of-a-kind custom engagement ring, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch with us on 0207 183 2977 to book your free design consultation or you can make an appointment here.

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